Ms. Catrelle facilitates and co-facilitates various groups in the Wisconsin area and abroad. Please call or email us about current group topics, times and locations.

Gender Wellness Program:

Sinha Arvind

Photograph by Sinha Arvind

Ms. Catrelle offers a full-service holistic transgender/gender-variant program that assists individuals and loved ones through the transition and gender acceptance process. She has experience in working with the full spectrum of gender variance ranging in ages as young as three years old on up to the sagely later years in life. She is available to answer questions and provide consultation both in person and over the phone. Her primary goal in working with families of gender variant children is assisting the family in providing a safe, supportive, and unconditionally loving home, school and community for their beautiful children. It is important for parents and children to be able to connect to resources that can further enhance not only the transition of their child, but the transition of the entire family.

“It is an individual’s birthright to journey into the depths of self-discovery. Along the way, we receive the little gifts of truth, love, strength, and wisdom that carry us through the stormy weather — ultimately guiding us to our destination of liberation, freedom, and inner peace. Our own intuition, along with a few good teachers, can be our greatest guideposts along the way.” ~ Kara Catrelle